TAC SCO1 Tactical Insulated Winter Gloves

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"I created my own winter glove because I was tired of receiving gloves provided to me that just didn't work for what I (law enforcement) do." - Terrance M, Owner/President - 

The TAC SCO1 Tactical Insulated Winter Glove is the glove designed for the warrior who works and plays in the cold. When the temperature is below freezing, your hands need to be warm and ready for anything. Great for police, military, hunters, airsoft, winter sports, motorcycles, and much more.

  • Dexterity right from the holster, sling, or mag pouch
  • 3M Thinsulate C70 insulation (70g)
  • Durable goat leather palm
  • Soft knuckle padding
  • Water & wind resistant
  • Designed in Manitoba, Canada


Q. What are these rated too?

A. Our gloves are not rated to any temperature. Every hand circulates warmth differently. What one person deems warm, could be cold to another person at the same temperature. If your hands and fingers are constantly in motion, they will stay warm longer than if they remain motionless in frigid temperatures. 

Size: Measure around the widest part of your palm but do not measure around the thumb (See image).

Medium - 8.5"- 9"
Large - 9.5" - 10"
X-Large - 10.5" - 11"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Ralph Primerano
TAC SCO1 Tactical Insulated Winter Gloves

I received my order just as the temperature in my area hit -24C. The gloves performed excellent. Just what I needed for operating in a cold climate. Thanks guys!

Randy Reimer
Gloves for Dexterity while shooting my RPR

I was quite impressed that there was sizing chart, I used the chart, the gloves are too small. They seem like a good quality glove and my wife is able to use them, she used them to take the dog for a walk and her hands got cold almost right away. They were a little tight for her too. I’d love a pair of the proper size. These were large, I’d like an XL pair but I’m not paying for a second pair. Otherwise I am impressed with them.

They're okay

Not as warm as I thought they'd be.

The Cleaner
Solid glove.

The glove gives good tactile feel, keeping in mind its a winter glove. I find it helps to keep the fingers moving if you can to keep circulation going. The test will be to see how it stands up over time. Love the glove.

Overall happy with the gloves

Overall it's a solid product. They are comfortable, warm and easy to brake in. The only issue I have is the finger tips have a bit to much extra material. Also the stitching on the right index finger was off compared to the left causing even more extra material at the tip. Still they work well