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The Owner

Terrance M is a constable with a large municipal police agency in Canada. Terrance joined the police in 2010 has spent most of his career working as a front line member, and is currently on the tactical team.

Being a front line officer during the winter months in Canada has its challenges. For every officer that works in the cold, you know what it's like to freeze your hands and how important it is to remain ready and operational. Terrance has experienced this many times. He wasn’t happy with the options for gloves provided to police officers that work in the cold environment. In 2018, Terrance started Ice Warrior Tac Gear and released his own tactical winter glove design. In 2021, Terrance improved upon his first design with feedback received from officers and military personnel, and created his latest mitt/glove, the Mammoth-X and Mammoth-L.

Terrance stands by his product by wearing it on the front line. "I wear what I make. In our job, safety is important, and I wouldn't wear or sell a product that would put someone's safety at risk. Stay safe, stay warm!".

Ice Warrior Tac Gear's goal is to continue to develop and improve upon our gear through the experience and feedback of our customers.  When you submit your comments, questions, and feedback, you have a direct audience with the owner.