Ice Warrior Tac Gear is proud to provide the right equipment to our many customers. Your feedback means a lot. Here is some of the positive feedback we've received from our customers.

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Location: Rankin Inlet, NU, Canada
Equipment: Mammoth-X V1 Tactical Mitt/Glove  

"These mitts held up real nice in -57c up in Rankin Inlet and then all day on the frozen Baffin Bay ice. True testament to their quality of cold weather durability"

Location: Manitoba, Canada
Equipment: Mammoth-X V2 Tactical Mitt/Glove

"Used my new gloves in -30 C and didn’t even need to add hot pockets."

Location: Nunavut, Canada
Equipment: Tac SCO1 Insulated gloves  

"Awesome dexterity, steady warmth, stoppage and transition drills are seamless. Even field stripped the weapon wearing them"

Location: James Bay, ON, Canada
Equipment: Mammoth-X V1 Tactical Mitt/Glove; Tac SCO1 Insulated gloves

"The weather can change drastically and I was happy to have packed my Mammoth-X mitts to keep my hands warm but have the dexterity to operate my firearms"