Mammoth-X Insulated Glove

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Designed and tested by experienced law enforcement officers in Canada.

The Mammoth-X is the combination of a glove inside a mitt with a gauntlet design to greatly reduce any skin exposure to the cold. When you work in -40◦C/-40◦F temperatures, your hands need to be warm and ready for anything. Every detail applied to this glove was designed with law enforcement and military applications in mind.

  • 3MTM ThinsulateTM 240G insulation
  • Removable glove
  • Dexterity right to the holster
  • Wind resistant
  • Two inside pockets for hot pouches
  • Durable leather palm
  • Touch screen capability
  • Gauntlet style cuff

*Not all gloves on the market fit the same. Review the sizing chart provided.

From the experience of officers:

"I can draw my pistol from my holster. My finger gets passed the trigger guard with no problem and I can pull the trigger. I can conduct a reload. It's not fast by any means, but I can get it done. With my rifle... I can shoot and reload without any problems."

"I've held a rifle in -40◦C while sitting motionless for over an hour. Adding hot pouches inside the mitt is a game changer. My hands were warm the entire time."

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for operations in the cold.

We got these mitts for our tactical team during last winter. We really like them, ideal for barricaded suspect calls, days on the range, or any prolonged operation in the cold. Minimal restriction on manipulation and movements, we ended up wearing them not only in extreme cold, but any below zero job for comfort. Similar mitts are often more expensive in sports stores, and will not work well for tactical applications. Would recommand.

Thanks D. RB. Your use for the Mammoth gloves/mitts are exactly why I designed them. I'm very happy that your team really likes them. It's been a pleasure to get you the right product for the job. Stay safe, stay warm!

Scott Nadeau
Great gloves

Initial fit was tight at the fingers but after wearing them a couple of times stretched out to perfect fit. Fingers are really easy to access and are great for picking at stuff. Really warm as well

Mammoth X insulated glove

Look like a quality construction but haven’t had the chance to test them in cold weather yet. They do fit somewhat tight so I would recommend going up a size.

David Holman
Excellent Gloves for Sledding!

Wow great purchase! Used these gloves for sledding and they were perfect. Very comfortable and excellent wind protection! These gloves are versatile and are ideal for this Manitoba weather.

Randy Martin
Versatility of Mammoth X

I was excited to receive my new Mammoth X mitts just prior to embarking on a trip up the west coast of James Bay. I was pleased with the quality of construction and the fit of the mitts. The gauntlet style fits nicely over the sleeve of my parka without bunching it all up. Needless to say, I was a little disappointed on the first day of my trip as the temperature rose drastically to a balmy -8C..hardly a temp to put these mitts to the test, but that's where the versatility of the Mammoth X mitt comes in. I removed the outer gauntlet and was comfortably warm using just the inner glove for the day. Two days later I was pleased as the temperature once again dropped to a -45C with wind chill allowing me to test the true thermal qualities of this mitt. I was not disappointed. It didn't get to a point where i had to augment that performance with the addition of any hand-warmer packets for which there are two Velcro pockets on each mitt,

As for firearm operational dexterity, I am able to adequately draw, and replace. Magazine changes initially were a little slower, but adapted to that. Also able to rack the slide nicely with the textured material on the inner glove. All of these functions are a little easier using only the inner glove.

Overall, with the versatility of being able to remove and use the inner glove on its own, this mitt system will provide warm comfort over a wide range of temperatures.