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NEW FOR 2023

Based off of the Mammoth-X and Mammoth-L designs, here is what's new for the 2023 model:

  • Removable inner glove
  • Wider Mitt

The Mammoth-X was designed and tested by experienced law enforcement officers in Canada and was tested and approved by members from an officer safety and firearms training unit.

The Mammoth-X is the combination of a glove inside a mitt with a cuff design to fit under winter coats. When you work in -40◦C/-40◦F temperatures, your hands need to be warm and ready for anything. Every detail applied to this glove was designed with law enforcement and military applications in mind.

  • 3MTM ThinsulateTM 240G insulation
  • Removable glove
  • Dexterity right to the holster
  • Wind resistant
  • Two inside pockets for hot pouches
  • Durable leather palm
  • Gauntlet style cuff

*Not all gloves on the market fit the same. Review the sizing chart provided.
New mitts may feel tight. The leather will break-in after many uses. 

Some feedback received is that you may want to go one size up from what you normally purchase.

From the experience of officers:

"I can draw my pistol from my holster. My finger gets passed the trigger guard with no problem and I can pull the trigger. I can conduct a reload. It's not fast by any means, but I can get it done. With my rifle... I can shoot and reload without any problems."

"I've held a rifle in -40

◦C while sitting motionless for over an hour. Adding hot pouches inside the mitt is a game changer. My hands were warm the entire time."

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